The Fundamentals: Deploying APIs From Your Databases

You know, I tend to complain about a lot of things across the API space while focusing on the damage caused by fast moving technology startups and the venture capital that fuels them. Amidst all of this forward motion I easily forget to showcase the good in the space. The things that are actually moving the conversation forward and doing the hard work of connecting the dots when it comes to APIs. I easily forget to notice when there are real businesses chugging along delivering useful services for for all of us when it comes to APIs. One of my favorite database to API businesses out there, and one of the companies who have been around for a significant portion of my time as the API Evangelist, working hard to help people deploy APIs from their databases, is SlashDB.

If you want to deploy APIs from your databases, SlashDB is the solution. If you are looking to make data within MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, RedShift, NoSQL, or other data source available quickly as an API, SlashDB has the solutions you are looking for. SlashDB isn’t one of those sexy new startups with a bunch of venture funding looking to be your new API best friend. SlashDB is looking to do the mundane difficult work needed to make the data available within your legacy databases available as APIs so that you can use across your applications. SlashDB is all about securely exposing your data using standardized web APIs, making your digital resources available wherever you need them.

SlashDB doesn’t have the splashy website, but they have the goods when it comes doing one of the most common tasks when deploying APIs—wiring up your APIs to their data backends. They also have the straightforward pricing tiers for you to navigate as you expand the number of data sources you are wiring up, and the number of consumers you have consuming data via your APIs. In this industry it can be easy to always chase the shiny new objects and forget about the hard work we have across the enterprise. Instead of chasing the next new API trend we should be ensuring that all of our databases are securely exposed as APIs. SlashDB is all about making sure that all of our data is accessible and put to work across different applications, allowing us to reach as wide as possible audience as we can with standardized web API aceess by default for all of our data sources.

Developing APIs is rarely glamours work. Doing the hard work of exposing Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) APIs isn’t fun work for anyone, and something we need assistance automating and there is no reason we should be doing manually, or trying o reinvent the wheel. Sometimes we just need a trusted service provider to come in and help us with the heavy lifting. As I work to understand the technology, business, and politics of APIs I don’t want to only focus on the shine objects and big explosions in the API sector, and miss out on showcasing API services provider who have been quietly doing the hard work over the years. As SlashDB’s latest newsletter came into my inbox I was reminded that they are still out there doing what they have always been doing for years—deploying APIs from databases. In 2020 if you are looking for some help when it comes to API deployment from your databases make sure you reach out to the SlashDB team for some help.