The OpenAPI Demand Generation Office Hours Last Friday

by Kin Lane, API Evangelist Twitter LinkedIn Github Email

I conducted the first OAI Demand Generation Public Office Hours last Friday. On behalf of the OAI I am looking to generate more awareness and demand around the specification, helping bring together members and non-members in the community to tell more stories about what is happening around the specification. I pitched the idea as part of the OAI marketing meeting, and didn’t want to waste any time in scheduling a meeting and getting the conversation going. We had a pretty small turnout for the first one, resulting me just talking about what I am already working on for over a half hour. However, we now have over 20 people added to the invite for the recurring meeting every Friday at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

Here are a few ways you can catch up on what is going on, and get involved:

  • Head Over to GitHub - We are managing this effort out in the open on GitHub, using the README as a home page, and issues to help track ideas and projects that are moving forward.
  • View Last Weeks Video - I am recording each session and publishing to YouTube for those who can’t make it. This one isn’t the highest quality, but I will get better at doing these in the future.
  • Join the Conversation - Go ahead and email [email protected] if you’d like to be added to the Google Calendar invite for the OAI DemandGen Public Office Hours, and get the meeting in your calendar.

We are looking to gather ideas from across the community about how we can build awareness of the OpenAPI specification, and increase more demand for the services and tooling that is built on top of it. I am aggregating ideas via the issue for the projects GitHub repository, and moving forward projects as I have time. If there is an idea you have, or an existing idea you have time to help move forward please jump in. This work isn’t for the shy or fence-sitter types, it is about sharing ideas about what you’d like to see, while also rolling up your sleeves and helping out.

I will use the README for the home repo of this project as the central page to find out everything that is happening around this project. I set up its own organization to allow for wider non-member participation. I intend to fork projects here from across the community, and leverage GitHub heavily for moving projects forward—keeping everything out in the open. If you want to help manage I recommend starting by joining the weekly conversation, and then we can explore the best way for you to help. I am going to keep stoking the fire under this conversation each week, building momentum until we pick up the speed we need to get the API sector to the next level.