OpenAPI 101: Intro to OpenAPI (Open Office Hours Each Friday)

by Kin Lane, API Evangelist Twitter LinkedIn Github Email

It can be difficult to understand exactly what OpenAPI is and what it isn’t sometimes. I get a lot of questions from folks who don’t entirely grasp what the OpenAPI specification is, and how it applies to the API lifecycle. It is alright to not fully get all the technical details of the specification, and I want to acknowledge this deficiency in the space, and help address the challenges by holding a 30 minute open office hours where I will introduce what OpenAPI is each week--helping on-board new people to the world of OpenAPI. These discussions will start out pretty free form, with me developing some curriculum to help introduce folks to the spec, but is something I would refine each week based upon the questions I get from the public.

I am looking to begin with just walking through some of the most common elements of OpenAPI 3.1, helping lay the foundation for what OpenAPI is all about:s

  • History - Quick recap of how we got here, including the difference between Swagger and OpenAPI.
  • Purpose - A look at what OpenAPI is for and why it has become a standard for defining APIs.
  • Objects - Walking through the core objects that are present as part of the OpenAPI spec.
  • YAML / JSON - Talking about how you can use YAML or JSOn to define your OpenAPIs.
  • Services - Looking at some of the services that have adopted the OpenAPI spec as standard.
  • Tooling - Looking at some of the open source tooling that have embraced the OpenApI spec.

I think that is all I will have time for when it comes to the 30 minutes. Initially I’d like to just run through the basics of OpenAPI, and I can do 30 minutes sessions dedicated to other sections in future office hours. Right now I am looking to just talk about the basics, formalize some basic content, and answer the questions of folks looking to learn about OpenAPI. If you are new to OpenAPI, or just have questions about it’s moving parts, feel free to join in. I love talking to folks who don’t quite feel comfortable with all of the details of the spec—it helps me polish my approach.

This is just one of a handful of office hours I am looking to hold to facilitate discussions about OpenAPI. I am trying to help increase the awareness and demand for OpenAPI, and help push the community forward. If you have any questions about these office hours, feel free to show up, or find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or just email me at [email protected].

To get involved visit my public calendar for the OpenAPI work I am doing as part of my API Evangelist and Postman work.