OpenAPI 101: Migrating From Swagger to OpenAPI (Open Office Hours Each Friday)

by Kin Lane, API Evangelist Twitter LinkedIn Github Email

OpenAPI has been around for five years now. There really is no reason for so many folks are still talking about Swagger 2.0, when there are more benefits associated with the OpenAPI 3.0 specification, and more modern services and tooling that utilizes the current version of the API specification. I want to open up a conversation about this, discuss the challenges that people face, and help folks understand what the difference is between Swagger and OpenAPI, and why they should be moving forward, and not staying in the past.

This recurring session will start out exploring the divide and misconception that exists, and then evolve to be more formal about what enterprise organizations are needing to migrate:

  • History - Quick recap of how we got here, including the difference between Swagger and OpenAPI.
  • Differences - What are the key differences between Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0. 
  • Services - Look at how API services providers are using each of the specifications.
  • Tooling - Understand the diff between tooling in both areas, understanding where deficiencies are.
  • Storytelling - How can we tell more stories about OpenAPI that help people understand the difference.

The goal here is to develop some basic curriculum that helps teams make the switch from Swagger to OpenAPI. Part of this will be to understand how to help get the word out about the difference and why it matters that we move forward. There is a number of misconceptions that exist the prevent folks from moving forward, and I am looking to help clear things up, get people focusing on the future of the specification, and shift the conversation to services and tooling around OpenAPI 3.0.

This is just one of a handful of office hours I am looking to hold to facilitate discussions about OpenAPI. I am trying to help increase the awareness and demand for OpenAPI, and help push the community forward. If you have any questions about these office hours, feel free to show up, or find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or just email me at [email protected].

To get involved visit my public calendar for the OpenAPI work I am doing as part of my API Evangelist and Postman work.