Talking About the Importance of API Specifications with Marjukka Niinioja (@mniinioja)

One of the regular patrons of my weekly Friday open office hours around API specifications has been with API expert Marjukka Niinioja (@mniinioja), and a couple of weeks back we carved off 30 minutes to discuss the important of OpenAPI, other specifications, and the need for more education and awareness around specifications. I spend 30 minutes getting Marjukka’s view of the landscape, and more insight into why she thinks API specifications are so important, take a listen for yourself.

What I like about chatting with Marjukka is that she gets APIs, especially OpenAPI, but more importantly she is passionate and motivate to contribute back to the community. I speak to many people about OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, Postman Collections, and JSON Schema, but finding folks like Marjukka who are driven to help document, tell stories, and help move things forward. Thanks for your time Marjukka, and if any of you readers want to learn more about what she is working on you can join us for the regular API Specification Toolbox office hours each Friday.