A Workspace for Defining the API Lifecycle

I am moving my API lifecycle definition into a public workspace so that I can be a little more disciplined in how I version and move forward. It is a pretty lightweight draft at this point because I still have to coordinate internally more about Postman around it, as well as with some partners, but this first version helps me frame the discussions I am having. To help guide the process of defining the API lifecycle I created an OpenAPI to help provide the scaffolding for an API to define the API lifecycle, using Postman mocks and documentation to make things a little more tangible and real.

The creation of the OpenAPI, then generation of the Postman collection and example to help act as the data store for my static API lifecycle API provides me with a nice separation of the structure of how I’d like to talk about the API lifecycle, and the actual data and content that defines the API lifecycle. Using Postman public workspaces as an incubator for defining the API lifecycle in a machine readable and collaborative way. Allowing anyone to discover and play with via the public API workspace, but also allow them to fork and contribute to the work via pull requests, and engage in the feedback loop using Postman comments on the collection or the API—-further separating the conversation around the structure and details of the API lifecycle.