JSON Schema Adoption

I have been getting to know the JSON Schema community since Ben Hutton joined my team at Postman. One of the things I've been working to make more time to do is profile who has adopted JSON Schema. When you are working within the community you have a sense of how wide the adoption is, but it is quite hard to actually measure and quanitify for others who are less familar. Whenever I come across an interesting brand who has adopted JSON Schema I bookmark the URL, resulting in a pretty interesting list of brands, and to further help me share I have created a Postman visualization that lists out the logos as part of the collection I am using to store the data.

Whenever I bookmark a link it gets stored in the JSON example for this collection, then I use a mock server to publish the data as a simple static API. I then use this API to produce HTML, image lists, and eventually other visualizatons that help me quantify the scope of adoption within the JSON Schema community. If you know of a company who has adopted JSON Schema, and you have a URL for a story, their documentation, or some other source, feel free to Tweet it at me. JSON Schema adoption is a tough one to quanitfy because anyone who uses OpenAPI or AsyncAPI has "adopted JSON Schema", but for this project I am looking for API service providers and other interesting companies who are using JSON Schema by itself, and have published some story of how they are using it, or at least showcasing it within their domain.