Open Tech Partnership with APIMATIC

We have some great partnerships occurring within the Postman ecosystem. You can tune into storytelling from our developer relations around how we are partnering with Salesforce, Stripe, and other leading API providers. When it comes to API Providers who offer up services that can be used across the API lifecycle, I am taking the lead from the AsyncAPI team, and making everything open by default. We are the Postman Open Technologies (OT) team after all, and there is no reason that the work that goes into these partnerships should be locked up, which is something that provides me with an ongoing storytelling opportunity beyond just the storytelling we do about partners, but also the process behind these partnerships.

Partnerships with Postman Open Technologies begin as a Github repository where we do all the planning, but then quickly move to public workspaces where we can demonstrate the value of each partnership. To show our partnership process in action you can learn about how we are partnering with the APIMATIC team around their code generation, portal, documentation, and transformation capabilities. The partnership has a dedicated repository with a README, but then we are kicking things off with a handful of tasks we are tracking with issues. In the world of Postman partnerships, everything begins with a team profile and a public workspace to demonstrate the value of the partnership.

  • Team Profile - Publishing a formal APIMATIC team profile with info and links to their platform.
  • Team Workspace - Lighting up a public workspace that has their OpenAPI and reference collection.

It is common for partners to just put an OpenAPI, and a reference collection that provides a list of all available API resources into their workspace, but then we’d like to move forward with what we consider to be ecosystem integration collections that power the API lifecycle, with two key ones planned for APIMATIC.

It is likely that we’ll do more storytelling around these collections, as well as live streams, social, and other go to market activities that Postman regularly works with partners on, but here are to storytelling activities I’d like to begin planning for right away.

My goal with these partnerships is to perpetually fill in the gaps across the API lifecycle for Postman customers, by developing a whole buffet of ecosystem integration collections that meet the long tail of needs for the 17M Postman users. While also showcasing the great services of our partners, and share the stories around how they help power the API lifecycle. Continue building out the Postman API network to contain not just the best APIs available out there, but also the best API service providers as well.

Our partnership with APIMATIC is an open one. I’ve known the team since they began, and I know they are keen on providing valuable services, but also tell the stories behind those services. I am just adding one more dimension to the narrative and telling the story behind the partnership. In hopes of bringing out other voices to share what they’d like to see when it comes to APIMATIC platform and ecosystem integrations, but also bring other potential integration partners out of the woodwork too. Producing endless waves of collections that can be used to integrate and automate across the API lifecycle, but also interesting stories around how these lifecycle services fit into the bigger picture.