Will Your Company Be Found In a Siri Search?


I’m currently processing several discussion I’ve had with folks about APIs and the future of search when it comes to voice enabled apps, like Apple’s Siri.

It started with a discussion with the Webshell folks about their blog post, Webservices supply chain management : the SIRI case. Next I was reading a presentation from Pat Cappelaere(@cappelaere) CEO of Vightel Corporation. called Building Tomorrow’s Web Services API.

Pat has an interesting image in his deck, showing who the next generation consumer of your API will be:

These conversations reflect a whole new area of consideration for the future of web APIs. Will voice be the dominant way to search via our mobile devices? If so, how do we expose our companies resources, in a way that makes them easily consumed by voice enabled apps?

At the simplest, we need to discuss where REST fails us in this scenario, and at the most complex we need to discuss what “activities” will be consumed by voice apps and what types of “supply chain management” processes or framework will we need to manage all of this.

All of this will feed into to whether or not your company, its products and services will be found in a Siri-like search, when voice enabled apps become the default.