Multi-Tenancy with WSO2 API Manager


I just had a demo of some of the new features in the WSO2 API Manager. Since WSO2 is one of my partners, I have a regular call with them to discuss the space and I often get demos of their new products and features.

Today's topic was multi-tenacy in their API Management platform, meaning you can easily deploy multiple API portals using the platform. Not every company will need more than one API portal, but for some companies that are further along, it provides a pretty sophisticated way to engage with API consumers.

When it comes to slicing and dicing your APIs, we usually segment our API resources by service level, apps and users. WSO2 introduces a fourth layer--by the domain. So now you can group API resources under domains, crafting different "API storefronts" for your consumers.

I'm still thinking through all of the opportunities with API management multi-tenancy, but at first thought, it will help me counteract many of the questions I get around a company's concern that APIs have to be public. Most companies have learned about APIs from the popularity of public APIs, so I spend a lot of time explaining the opportunities for internal or partner APis.

The WSO2 approach to API management multi-tenancy allows me to help companies understand that unlimited ways they can provide access to their valuable resources in not just public, private ways, but to any group, user base or target audience in a very organized and branded way.

You can hear me, and Chris Haddad VP, Technology Evangelism at WSO2 discuss multi-tenancy as part of the Your API Branding Strategy webinar on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Disclosure: WSO2 is an API Evangelist partner