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As API Space Expands, So Do The Sources Of Knowledge: New YouTube and SoundCloud Channels

The API space is continuing its rapid expansion, and along with the number of API design, deployment, management, and integration providers, and the number of API conferences, there are some new sources of discussion around APIs--one as a YouTube Channel, and the other as a SoundCloud podcast.

API Workshop is a production by J(a)son Harmon (@jharmn), and APIsUncensored is from the smart folks over at SmartBear(when describing them I always feel tricked into saying they are smart). I was honored to have mentions in both of them, and you can read my response to API Workshop here, and to APIsUncensored over here.

In my opnion, it is a healthy sign for the space to see more video and audio outlets emerge—the space needs as many open voices, educating the masses as it can possess. Maybe soon we'll need an aggregator of all the sources of great information! (get to work on that please)

I posted a video in response to my reference in the API Workshop episode, in addition to my blog post. Something I’m working on for APIsUncensored as well, continuing to expand my presence on these important channels. Personally I’m a big podcast listener, over YouTubing, but everyone has a different set of frequencies they tune into, and I think it is important to maximize the reach.

Now if only we could get the next episode of Traffic & Weather! Wink, Wink!