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Some Of The Common Building Blocks Of API Deprecation

I spend my days mapping out the API life cycle, keeping track of what I consider to be the 50+ areas of a modern API life cycle, based upon the approach I am seeing from leading providers. One area of this life cycle I'm spending way more time than I want to be lately, is in the area of API deprecation

This is why I conduct my API research in the way that I do, because when people approach me for advice, guidance, or brain dump in any of these areas, I have a wealth of resources I can pull from. Sadly I have a couple of folks ask me for input on what I'd consider to be a good approach to individual API deprecation, as well as entire company, platform, and API deprecation.

Sadly, there very few "good approaches" to shutting down your APIs in the wild. Luckily there are quite a number of very bad approaches available, that we can reverse engineer, and begin putting together a scaffolding for what might be some possible best practices, when it comes to API deprecation. 

I went through what I had curated as part of my API deprecation research, and assembled these common building blocks:









Like the areas of my API life cycle, these API deprecation building blocks are by no means complete. I'm just extracting some of the comment elements that I see when I look through just the little bit of API deprecation history that I've managed to curate. The trick now, is to find more time so that I can dig deeper, and find the API deprecation stories I do not have indexed, and hopefully establish a timeline of sorts, along with some of the other possible building blocks that might help folks craft their own deprecation strategy.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think should be considered as part of the inevitable API deprecation process. I thought my friend Mark Boyd (@mgboydcom) did a good job capturing the reality of API deprecation from a provider view, as well as what things look like from the API consumer vantage point, if you need a good narrative of what I'm trying to achieve.

Ultimately I think this is a conversation we need to be having more often, with more API providers, out in the open. I'd like to see more platforms publish what their API deprecation strategy is, either as a blog post, or in a more formal way. I'll spend more time next week, digger deeper in the past to find some of the more high profile API deprecation that I'm missing in my research, gather feedback from folks I'm talking to about their API deprecation strategies, and hopefully evolve this list of common API deprecation building blocks forward more.