API Roadshow

Events are definitely one of the most important tools in an API Evangelist's tool box.

Making a regular showing at popular events both on and offline is critical to building the awareness and the trust of the development community.

Speaking at major events is the best route to reach developers if you're targeting larger conferences, as exhibiting is not as rewarding as it once was.

However, meetups and hackathons are the future.

Reaching the developer audience requires being able to step up to the bar with a pint of beer and being able to go the distance at hackathons. Traditional marketing techniques are often tuned out by the new development crowd and having a presence, building trust and mingling with the community are key.

Stay in tune with your local meetup and hackathon calendars. And make your own schedule known. Broadcast events you will be attending and make sure an provide quality recaps of where you've been.

A healthy part of any evangelism is a good roadshow, so make sure to produce yours in a way that truly connects with your audience.