Rethinking the NPR API Ecosystem

Twitter has been working hard lately to define the rules of the road for the Twitter API ecosystem.

When it comes to monetizing content and media, there are many differing opinions and by extension there are many approaches to managing an API ecosystem.

NPR's approach is innovative, making incremental changes in technology and business rules.

NPR is improving its API technology to be easier to use, run faster, and deliver all types of content better.

NPR is also innovating around digital rights management, to support their Ingest System which allows partners to publish content into the NPR system.

Managing digital rights and content has its own challenges, but you throw in APIs -- the ability for partners to publish and developers to access this content -- it can't be easy.

It's good to see NPR openly talking about the challenges they face, and their ideas on how they are going to keep improving the NPR API ecosystem.