Evernote Developer Competition and Conference

Evernote has announced their first ever developer competition and conference called, The Evernote Trunk Conference (ETC).

ETC is a one day event in San Francisco bringing together developers and entrepreneurs to discuss and code around the Evernote API. The event will have three main areas.

Developer Sessions - Evernote developers and partners will discuss topics including the Evernote web service API, our cloud service architecture, Evernote Site Memory, mobile best practices, and more.

Product Sessions - In these sessions, they''ll share deployment success stories, introduce ideas for useful integrations and provide tips for successful integrations.

User Sessions - Throughout the event, they'll offer advice and stories from people who live their lives using Evernote. Users can submit and share their own stores of how they've been more productive and collaborated better using Evernote.

Developer Competition - A developer competition to build an application, service or device that works with Evernote.
  • Grand Prize - $50,000
  • 6 Finalists - $5,000 each
  • Wildcard Prize - $10,000
  • Student Prize - $10,000
  • Submission Deadline - July 15
  • Finalists announced - July 22
  • Winners announced - Live on August 18 at ETC
Submissions will be judged along four main criteria:
  • Finish and polish - Is the application easy to use and aesthetically appealing?
  • Effective use of the Evernote platform - Does the application take advantage of the unique functionality offered by the Evernote platform?
  • Utility - Is the application compelling and/or indispensable?
  • Originality of concept - Is the application unique and/or innovative?
Event location and date are:
  • Location: Terra SF
  • Date: August 18, 2011
You can get your event tickets, and find more details on the official Evernote developer competition page.