"Facebook Platform Focuses in on Game Developers"

Tomorrow I'm participating in a session at Gluecon called Finishing School for Potential API Providers.

Justin Tormey of Alcatel-Lucent will be talking some about segmentation of API developers to focus on the different types personalities wtihin an API ecosystem.

Focusing outside of Gluecon for a moment, Facebook has been doing a good job of this type of platform segmentation. Yesterday they launched Facebook + Games, a page created for the the Facebook games partner and business community. The Facebook Page will focus on social gaming innovation, directly from the Facebook Games Partnerships Team.

I wrote about the the Journalist on Facebook page last month, and how Facebook is targeting media and journalist with a similar Facebook Partner Platform page. This was another example of their API platform segmentation.

This type of segmentation is key to success within a growing developer ecosystem, not all developers are created equal. Make sure you identify the differences within your community, and provide resources targeted to these gorups.