"Loggly Introduces User Defined, Variable Pricing"

Loggly recently changed the structure for their cloud-based logging service from a tiered pricing, to a user-defined variable pricing structure.

Users can define their own pricing tier using two key variables:

  • Daily Log Volume - 200MB to 8 GB
  • Log Retention Time - 1 Week to 180 Days
The pricing change was in response to a growing user base, and demand for volumes greater than 2GB/day.

Loggly still offers a free plan which supports 200MB/day and retention of 7 days. There is also a beginning paid plan that starts with 200MB/day, but has retention of 15 days, starting at $8/month.

Loggly is also adding support for secure syslog (TLS), HTTPs on web inputs, and log archives on all account levels including the free plan.

This is a great example of Software as a Service (SaaS) and API service providers innovating around monetization and trying to find the best approach that fits their customers needs and the services they offer.

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