#APIStrat Slide Decks Added To Session Page

I added the slide decks for the keynotes and sessions we have so far from API Strategy & Practice to the conference session page. As soon as we get videos, I will be linking them on the session page as well.

Here is what we have for the two days of the conference.

Day 1

Keynote: Laura Merling (@magicmerl), VP Ecosystems and Solutions at AT&T (Slides)

Track 1 - Music

Track 2 - Social

Track 3 - API Design & Creation

Track 1 - Media

Track 2 - Commerce

Track 3 - Automation

Track 1 - Travel

Track 2 - Payments

Track 3 - Security & Scalability

Keynote: Steve Klabnik(@steveklabnik) on "Why Open?" (Slides)

Day 2

Keynote: John Musser(@johnmusser), Founder ProgrammableWeb (Slides)

Keynote: Daniel Jacobson(@daniel_jacobson), Director of API Engineering Netflix (Slides)

Track 1 - Mobile

Track 3 - API Marketing and Promotion

Track 1 - Enterprise

Track 2 - Government

Track 3 - API Lifecycle, Methodology and Architecture

Keynote: John Sheehan (@johnsheehan)IFTTT (Slides)

Keynote: Sanjiva Weerawarana (@sanjiva) (Slides)

Keynote: Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist at the GSA (Slides)