My First Keynote With The Infamous Audrey Watters

by Kin Lane, API Evangelist Twitter LinkedIn Github Email

I'm doing a keynote this weekend with the infamous, edtech rabble-rouser Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) at InstructureCon in Park City Utah, this Wednesday June 19th.

Audrey and I will be talking about the importance of data portability when it comes to education technology. Instructure, the creators of Canvas, a next generation learning management system (LMS), has been so kind to bring us both out.

While Audrey and I spend a lot of time speaking at conferences, this is our first event where we will be both sharing the stage. If you are unaware, Audrey and her Hack Education blog isn't just a partner in crime with API Evangelist when it comes to data portability, she has also played the role of my girlfriend for almost four years.

We are both super passionate about open data, open source, data portability, terms of use and privacy policies that protect and empower users.  Because when it comes to education, those "users" are our kids, brothers, sisters, family and friends. Education is not just another Silicon Valley opportunity, it is way too important.

I'm stoked to be sharing the stage with Audrey in Park City, UT this Wednesday at InstructureCon. And thank you to the Instructure team for believing in us and bringing us out to cause trouble in Utah.