Join Me For Iot, Realtime And API Design At Gluecon In Colorado Next Week

The time has come for one of my favorite events in the tech space—Gluecon. If you have never been to Gluecon or Defrag, read some of my previous posts about just how different the event is. Gluecon has brought together tech leaders, who have helped define the API space for the last six years, to a small resort in Colorado, creating an environment for conversation I have not experienced anywhere else.

This year Gluecon is exceptionally special for me, because 3Scale and API Evangelist are doing a special first day of un-workshop discussions on API design and the Internet of Things and Realtime, continuing the API Strategy & Practice conversation. You can find all the details over at the APIStrat site, and even register and be part of the conversation.

The topic of API design has dominated my blog traffic, with every story I do on the subject filling the top 10 most visited posts for the last 3 months. The conversation of how to design APIs has exploded, with the introduction of languages and tooling from Swagger, API Blueprint and RAML, and as we realize that API design is more art than science—something that developers and business leaders should all be part of. The first Gluecon / APIStrat un-workshop is dedicated to this fast growing area of the API sector.

In 2014 you can’t have a conversation about APIs without discussing the next wave of Internet enabled devices—dubbed Internet of Things (Iot). We are seeing a new breed of APIs, and frameworks emerge that don’t just connect devices to the Internet, but also facilitate realtime communications between devices and the cloud—merging realtime and Iot. The second Gluecon / APIStrat un-workshop is bringing together a wide range of practitioners to discuss what is next for APIs in the context of realtime IoT.

It isn’t too late to get your tickets to Gluecon and register for the APIStrat un-workshops. Tickets to Denver are pretty inexpensive from most places in the country, even at this late date. I’m looking forward to the conversations that I’ll have at Gluecon, both in the sessions, the hallway in-between, and the taproom late into the night--I will see you there!