Zapier Looks To Educate Everyone With An Introduction To APIs

API interoperability and reciprocity provider Zapier is looking to get everyone up to speed on the world of APIs, by providing an introduction to APIs that is meant for both developers who are new to APIs, and easy enough for non-developers to follow.

To help get people up to speed on APIs, Zapier’s introduction has eight chapters covering the big picture:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Protocols
  • Chapter 3: Data Formats
  • Chapter 4: Authentication, Part 1
  • Chapter 5: Authentication, Part 2
  • Chapter 6: API Design
  • Chapter 7: Real-Time Communication
  • Chapter 8: Implementation

It is good to see providers like Zapier develop an introductory course for people to learn about APIs. It is in Zapier’s interest to help get people up to speed—the more folks who understand that APIs exist, the more chance they will use Zapier as the platform they depend on to orchestrate their lives in the cloud.

Zapier’s move reflects my original vision behind API Evangelist, and my belief that everyone should understand APIs, and I mean everyone! Much like personal finance, not everyone needs to understand the inner workings of APIs, but every individual should understand they exist, and how they can use services like Zapier to take control of our digital self.