Internal API Summit Within Every Company

I participated in the API Summit at yesterday. The event brought in API professionals from Mashery, Netflix, SOA Software, Ticketmaster, and EPAM Systems to discuss APIs, internally with the Edmunds team.

The API gathering was just like any other API event I have participated in, with a lineup of 30-60 minute keynotes from API professionals, accompanied by food, drink and networking in between, as well as after the event. The only difference was the API Summit was smaller and all about, occurring internally at office, and with staff in attendance.

The internal API summit format is something that every company should employ. Following the trend of hackathons being executed internally, as well as publicly, let’s move the API conference format that has been evolving from API Strategy & Practice, and API Days, and bring it inside the corporate firewall to help get your entire company on board with APIs.

Let me know if you need assistance in making this happen, I am happy to help.