Guest Post: Help Us Bring Out The Worst Of The Net So We Can Generate Page Views

This is a guest post from one of our sponsors. We actually cringed, and puked in our mouth a little bit when we saw an email come in from this company, requesting a post, but they paid us well, and we knew the topic would generate an insane amount of page views, so what the hell—we can drink more so we can sleep at night.

Our company didn't actually write this post, we just grabbed it from a blog that we regularly read, written by someone who actually understands the topic. This approach is much more beneficial to us, as we don't actually have to have any creativity, or skill, and it doesn't cost us a dime! #winning

When we found this post, it had an informative title, but for the purposes of this guest post we changed the title a little bit, in an effort to make it more desirable, clickable, and shareable by our readers. 

This post also had a lot more context when we found it, but for the purposes of this guest post we are going to remove most of that context. We also want to make sure and not cite the author, and potentially provide any unnecessary background--well maybe a Twitter account so people can spew venom at them. All of this goes along way in making sure the article invokes the passion we are looking to generate, which will result in the volume of traffic we desire.

Once this is posted, we will syndicate to the places on the Internet where the worst people you can imagine dwell. This is the tech industry, so there are some pretty proven places to go to find these types of folks. These people don’t represent the entire Internet, but because they are so outspoken, you'd think they do. All we have to do is post a link, artificially pump up the first few votes, and the community does the rest. #magic

We just want to encourage a ‘conversation". We don't care if people are actually represented fairly, that any critical context is missing, or people might not be safe—we just want the page views. Thank you for joining us to bring out the worst of the Internet, and ensuring a very vocal minority continues to have a platform to spread the worst aspects of our society.

This is the beauty of the Internet and advertising models, is that we get paid to continue making the Internet a total cesspool. #thankyou

P.S. Normally this type of story would be on Alternate Kin Lane, but I paid myself so much money I was able to buy a slot here on API Evangelist.