The Alpha API Evangelist Workbench

The API Evangelist network is my open workbench, and I understand for many, it can be confusing to see some of my half-baked ideas alongside some of my more hardened API 101, business of APIs, and politics of APIs work. I try to keep the API Evangelist blog containing information for the API newbie, as well as my more advanced API leader crew--something that is tough to do.

I have a lot of ideas coming off the assembly line around my own infrastructure, Docker, microservices, and other more forward leaning areas. Normally I dump a lot of this mundane exhaust from my world over on Kin Lane, but that site gets picked up by DZone, due to historical connections, and that audience is pretty trollish, second only to Hacker News. I'm not looking to get into petty fights over choice I made around my own infrastructure.

To support my newer ideas, I launched Alpha API Evangelist, which will act as a kind of staging ground for many of the ideas you may eventually see here on API Evangelist. I do not want to alienate my just getting going audience, with rants about Docker and microservice orchestration, and I definitely do not want some of my unproven thoughts to getting taken out of context alongside some of my rants around important API topics in the business and politics of APIs.

I know some of you are like WTF, another blog, you are diluting your brand, blah blah. If you saw the API Evangelist Network like I do, as this open workshop for API research, and storytelling, you’d understand. Anyhoo….long story short…90% of the Docker, microservices, orchestration, Github API blah blah blah, is now over at