Weekly API.Report For March 9th, 2015

Swagger is now Open API Definition Format (OADF) -- READ MORE

This is the third week in a row I've managed to do this weekly report, something that took me about 9 hours of work, so I can see that the amount of work will vary pretty dramatically each week. Doesn't matter, I'm in for the long haul now, butI'm guessing Monday morning is going to be the common release date, as I start wrapping up on Saturday, but often can't do all the heavy lifting until Sunday. 

The Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

You don't often see me lead into a story with accounting, but Xero is pushing forward with their world domination plan, worthy of highlighting:

There were a number of acquisitions, that were worth enough of showcasing this week:

Advertising is not something usually here, but at the intersection of gaming, I'm a little more interested:

I am working to pull together analytics specific research project over the next week. It is one of those areas I'm carving off of data:

I am moving API definitions out of the API design realm, where I can showcase the benefits of machine readable formats:

  • Apigee Product Highlight Video: SmartDocs - I thought was an introducing highlight of SmartDocs on the Apigee platform, or as I call them interactive docs. I like seeing how each of the API providers view the benefits of machine readable API definitions like Swagger--Apigee is definitely invested in Swagger.

These are my thoughts on API deployment for the week:

  • We Need An Open Library Of The Most Common Utility API Implementations · - This seems like a no brainer to me. Someone should step up and build a platform to house these, and figure out some way of generating revenue around this, in a way that you can offer the open source designs for free. Maybe premium services, or custom deployments could be enough to pay for it? It is another area that if someone doesn't step up I may start creating and publishing to a Github repo.

Some interesting API design discussions this week, from the pragmatic, to the restafarian:

As usual, I'm leading the API discovery conversation:

A handful of API evangelism discussions throughout the week:

The event season is warming up, with lots of API events to attend:

I predict API integration conversation will keep dominating the landscape:

Lots to learn in the area of API management this week:

  • A Little Care Package for PHP Developers - A pretty straightforward code library story, which I usually do not share as part of weekly update, but I like well told stories, that show API providers care about their devs. 
  • How Promoting a Developer Ecosystem Strengthens an API - Great story from Mark over at PW. These types of stories are important to motivate API providers in a positive way. 
  • Adding Four New Building Building Blocks Providing An API Management API Blueprint · - You will see more work from me in this area, as I define a base blueprint API providers can use to provide an API for their API management infrastructure. I'm using 3Scale to drive the base definition, as I use them for my own infrastructure. 
  • A note about rate limits - A nice, transparent look into API rate limits over at Keen.io. I love it when platforms break down their limits, and the logic that goes into that. It goes a long way to building trust. 
  • Top 20 Intuit Developer Questions - I like the idea of doing a top X FAQ blog post regularly. As an API provider you should also have a dedicated FAQ page, but grabbing the top questions, and publishing on the blog regularly can help get the word out!

I am hoping that the API podcasts that have emerged keep it up, and new one's continue to emerge:

  • APIs Uncensored - Another episode from SmartBear on their APIs Uncensored podcast. They had Tony Tam over from Swagger, for a very interesting conversation. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always a fun look at a possible future:

Some stories from the world of connected automobiles:

A few moves this week on the banking front:

An interesting enough API launching in the online billing space:

One area I will profile deeper in coming weeks is calendaring:

Always good stuff to cover in the world of city government operations:

Lots of things to watch in the cloud computing wars:

The container movement always has interesting stories and players:

Just keeping the API and copyright conversation going:

Like net neutrality, cybersecurity wil continue to leak onto m weekly roundup:

  • The Democratization of Cyberattack - All the cybersecurity rhetoric is like a train or car wreck for me, I can't help but tune in and be captivated by the 1984-esque tone of it all.

Data continues to lead the API conversation:

Always like covering the nextgen databases like Ochestrate, but cloud blueprints is interesting too:

You won't see DNA too often in roundup (I hope):

Interesting DNS, while doing Internet at global scale:

Embeddable is still critical to API integrations:

  • Embed Twitter-hosted video on your website - Ok. Twitter investing on th embeddable front. Just when I'm about to de-emphasize some of the embeddable research I'm doing, a big player like Twitter steps up and makes another investment. #value 
  • Google Maps API Checker Uncovers Mapping API Problems - This is interesting, because they made an API to help debug and solve the problems faced when using their embeddable, JS API. I think this is something other providers of embeddable JS APIs should consider. Paying attention to what pioneers like Google Maps API are up to is important. 
  • Twitter introduces video embeds for sites - Just a little outside perspective on what Twitter is up to with their new investment in the embeddable space.

An encryption story to keep an eye on:

I wish there were more environment related API stories available:

As usual the federal government is dominating, or maybe its because I'm obsessed with the area:

Couple of financial related items:

I am reminded of how important FOIA is, and will continue to be, in the work I do:

This was an interesting piece from the world of forms:

APIs will continue to evolve in gaming sector this year:

More amazing GitHub lessons:

A couple of interesting hackathons occuring:

GE shows it is interested in the healthcare space:

Adding to my history of compute archives:

Some fun and distrubing thoughts from the connected home:

An idea I had this week, that generated some great conversation:

Identity related products I'm researching better:

Of course, more Internet of Things (IoT) stories:

A couple of healthy API career options emerged this week:

One of the more mature layers to the API space, mapping:

I keep saying it, keep an eye on Microsoft, and media is the focus this week:

Google dominated the messaging discussion this week:

Couple of microservices conversations I was paying attention to:

Continuing to demonstrate that mobile is top of list for big companies in 2015:

I like stories about API mocking:

Net neutrality crept into my roundup. I track on lots of stories in this area, but they rarely making it into the API conversation:

One of the top, new growth areas for me in the API conversation is networking: