Weekly API.Report For April 13th, 2015

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My Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

Open with an Account Management scenario:

Some Acquisitions from the previous week:

Handful of Analytics items:

  • Facebook Launches Analytics Tool - Facebook doing more analytics. 
  • What is Tin Can API? - You should learn about Tin Can API. I see a lot of potential for this API as a layer for the API space - http://apievangelist.com/2014/07/25/a-shared-distributed-experiencemetrics-layer-for-the-api-driven-application-stack/

A kinda sorta new take on API Aggregation:

API Definitions continues to be big news:

Interesting API Deployment news:

API Deprecation showed up as story this last week:

Lots of great API Design advice:

I"ll keep owning API Discovery stories:

Activity when it comes to API Events:

I'm work'n so hard in the API Industry:

Filing these two under API Integration:

Nordic APIs dominating the API Lifecycle stories:

You know how i know API Management has come of age? Shitload of stories:

A big part o fmy storytelling process is API Mocking: ;-)

Two stories to highlight when it comes to API Monetization:

Handful of API Monitoring items:

Keeping the infinite API News loop going (have you seen that movie Interstellar?):

API Performance is fast becoming a majore theme:

A single API Reciprocity case study to note:

This Application item was interesting:

A look behind the curation, at the Etsy Architecture:

APIs making inroads into the world of Audio Visual:

Blockchain is interesting:

Two Business Intelligence data points:

The Business of APIs:

Cameras will continue to capture our attention in good and bad ways:

A handful Careers options:

Two Case Studies:

Two separate Chat items:

City Government was a lot shorter this week:

AWS dominating the world Cloud Computing, as usual:

As well as the world of Cloud Storage:

Couple of Commerce related stories:

Containerization conversations:

An interesting Copyright discussion:

Just including a digest from the County Government space:

A single CRM item:

Data is short and sweet this last week too:

The Data Center discussion is continuing to be interesting:

Database APIs are important:

Breaking out of just the world of DNS:

Drones, the good and the bad:

Couple things Education front caught my attention:

Embeddable, mostly highlight whats up at SalesForce:

I <3 the Enterprise:

I don't <3 Facial Recognition:

Just three Federal Government stories:

Single Gaming tidbit:

A single Government thing to comment on:

What is shaking at Hackathons:

More Healthcare momentum:

Your weekly dose of History:

Echo dominating the Home:

Slcak Integration is just cool:

Look at that, only three things in Internet of Things, and I wrote one:

A container related Investment I am tracking on:

More for my own needs, in the area of Links:

Machine Learning is a leading topic, week over week:

Two Mapping things to share:

Messaging, blah blah:

Microservices observations:

A single Mobile story:

Only one New API that I thought was cool (grumpy this week):

Roundup from the world of Open Data:

Zoom in to Ukrain, and out to the UN level, when looking at Open Government:

Couple of interesting Partners related discussions:

Just three Payment stories:

Focusing on the Platform Development Kits (PDK):

APIs in Politics:

The Politics of APIs flares up in the Twitter ecosystem:

Handful of Privacy discussion:

Not really Rate Limits, but close enough:

Change is hard in the Real Estate industry:

Single Real-Time story to tell:

Always Reclaim Your Domain when you can:

Another look at Regulation:

Keep trying Retail:

Scalability talk at Etsy:

Love me some Scraping:

A couple of interesting SDK nuggets:

A single Search story:

Security talk from the week:

Sensors are everywhere!

Showcasing the Showcase stories:

Will they really be Smart Cities?

On the Smart Watches front:

Its all about the numbers when it comes to Social:

Tracking on Software Defined Networking now too:

I spend a good amount of time each week in Space:

Hope and despair when it comes to Surveillance:

Telecommunications blah blah:

Is Television still a thing? If so when will it stop?

Two very different Transparency reports:

Keeping tabs on University discussions:

Stories all about  Versioning:

The Video space:

Three interesting Visualizations this last week:

Making sure these stories stand out as Voice discussions, not just home related:

Casue we all want our Internet to be Wearables, right?

A long term Weather forecast API eh?

A good Webinar to attend. You know how i know, because I am in it:

That concludes my report on what I read last week across the API space. I'm still working on pulling together a summary e-newsletter version, allowing people to get an executive summary of what I thought was important from the week--I am hoping it will be available next week. I'm also going to auto-generate some visualizations, and summary counts for each week. I'd like to see a tag cloud, and overall counts to help me understand the scope of news I cover each week.

If you know of something I missed, feel free to email or tweet at me, and make sure I know about your company, and have a link to your blog RSS. If you don't tell the story and share, the world will never know it happened.

It is a good time to be tracking on the API space--lots going on!


Updated November 27, 2015: Links were updated as part of switch from Swagger to OADF (READ MORE)