Weekly API.Report For May 11th, 2015

The Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

I like it when a weekly reports starts with 101--every week should in my opinion:

From the Accounting desk:

Just a handful Acquisitions I was watching:

Its fast becoming all about the Analytics:

Some discussion around API Aggregation:

Specifically API Analytics:

Some API Cache learnings from the week:

A single API Deployment story:

Looking at API Deprecation:

Couple of API Design tips from the week:

More security, but in the realm of API Discovery:

The utopian API Economy vision:

Some API Event residue from the week:

Talking about API Integration patterns and opportunities:

Looking at API Management practices:

Considering API Monetization:

A single API Monitoring story:

The API News, that isn't fit to print:

Let's discuss API Security every week:

A couple of API Videos I wanted to share:

A cool Artificial Intelligence story I found:

An Audio item to consider:

Keeping an eye on Automobiles:

A single Badges story to showcase:

Always Business of APIs items to showcase:

Some Careers paths to consider:

Looking at Cities:

Then also City Government:

EFF protecting YOUR Civil Liberties:

Cloud Computing discussion heating up some more:

I like Comics:

Stories from the world of Commerce:

APIs penetrating the Consulting realm:

  • Innovation as-a-service - APIs are a growing part of the major consulting firms. I've had conversations with several of them.

Do you love Containers?

Content related things I curated:

The usual weekly, County Government stories from Illinois:

I saw someone post that Cybersecurity is explaining security to muggles: ;-)

The continuing Data discussion:

A couple Database items from the week:

Something you don't see much, the Developer Showcase:

A single DNS story from the cloud stuff this week:

A single Document story, helping people onboard:

Drones are good, wait no they are bad:

Can't help buy cover Education, I get beat up if I don't:

Looking at Email and APIs:

Two Embeddable things out of SalesForce:

The tech from Europe:

The world of CSV, spreadsheets and Excel:

Looking to the Federal Government to lead:

Talking about the Financial space:

A single Gaming item:

I like healthy Getting Started guides:

Cause we all love GitHub, right? Maybe not all of us.

The wider Government discussions:

A few Hackathons to highlight:

A single Hacker Storytelling item this week:

Keeping an eye on Healthcare:

Learning from History is important:

Connecting up the Home:

My continued research into Hypermedia:

Keeping an eye on the potential for APIs in the IDE:

Insurance better watch out, APIs are going to shake shit up:

Making the International moves:

Can't avoid Internet of Things, if I tried:

Some Investment from the week:

I like tracking on relevant JavaScript Libraries:

A JSON-LD sighting!

Talking about Licensing:

It is all about the Location, or is it the bass?

Some Machine Learning stories:

Mapping is important:

Messaging is a core area of API economy:

Let's continue talking Microservices:

Beyond just messing, and talking MMS:

A few Mobile nuggets:

A single Net Neutrality item I wanted to discuss:

I learned a new acronym this week: Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

Pinterest dominating New release discussion, when they should have been doing for a while now:

Non Profit work in tech:

One NSA item leaked through:

An odd OAuth story from the week:

Keeping the Open Data discussion going:

Two Open Source items I wanted to highlight:

Partners are a big part of API operations:

Couple Patents stories to highlight:

Just two Payments posts:

Building the Internet Platform:

Learning about Podcasts:

Policing is front and center in the nation right now:

Politics is something we seem to be good at exporting:

From the Politics of APIs:

Let's talk Privacy:

A single Real-Time release:

Please Reclaim Your Domain, otherwise some else will:

Watching how Regulation plays out:

A recent Review I did:

RSS is still very relevant:

Two SDK stories floated up:

Considering some evolutions in the Search discussion:

The Security items I paid attention to:

Showcase anything good in your ecosystem:

An interesting SMS item:

The weird world of Social:

Cause Software Defined Networking (SDN) is all the rage:

Spreadsheet goodies:

At the State Government level:

Always focus on good Support:

Keeping an eye on the disturbing Surveillance news:

The world of Telecom:

Telecom plus the Telephony items:

A single Translation item:

Freak'n Twitter Bots are cool, and I love people sharing their intricate stories:

Something at a University to watch:

Just some Version releases:

The Video topics:

As I continue learning about Visualizations:

Putting Voice to work:

Skeptically watching the Watch platforms:

Water seems like something we should focus on more:

The Wearable space heating up:

Because Wordpress is important platform for API usage:

That concludes my report on what I read last week across the API space. I'm still working on pulling together a summary e-newsletter version, allowing people to get an executive summary of what I thought was important from the week--I am hoping it will be available next week. I'm also going to auto-generate some visualizations, and summary counts for each week. I'd like to see a tag cloud, and overall counts to help me understand the scope of news I cover each week.

If you know of something I missed, feel free to email or tweet at me, and make sure I know about your company, and have a link to your blog RSS. If you don't tell the story and share, the world will never know it happened.

It is a good time to be tracking on the API space--lots going on!