Join @apimatic, @blockspring, and @apievangelist In Completing API Definitions For 1000 Companies In The API Stack

3Scale and I have been working hard to craft APIs.json files for the top public APIs out there, including machine readable Swagger definitions, ever since we launched the open source API search engine We will keep working to define, and index the API space, but it is a lot of work ahead, and we could use some help.

Over the last couple months I've had several conversations with folks about the need for Swagger and API Blueprints for popular APIs, so that the community can build valuable tooling and services on top of commonly used APIs. Two companies who I've been talking to are SDK generation service APIMATIC, and API spreadsheet integration provider BlockSpring.

APIMATC wants see better quality Swagger definitions emerge, so they can build client SDKs that work, and make available via BlockSpring wants to be able to integrate popular API content, data, and functionality into Google Spreadsheets, using their slick plugin. These are just two examples of services that are emerging to deliver much needed functionality on top of APIs -- if we can establish a rich, open, machine readable repository of API definitions, it will open up the flood gates for even more API tooling and services. #win

I've added some new information to the API Stack to support this effort. So far I have 917 companies, in 223 areas, with 882 APIs cataloged, and 407 Swagger definitions. I want all 917 companies to have all their APIs fully defined using APIs.json, Swagger, and API Blueprint by the end of the summer, as well as any important companies that are not listed. It is a lofty goal, but I think with some help, we can do it.

As a working group, we have several challenges, that we are hoping to work out in real-time via the API Stack Github repository. First we have to actually do the heavy lifting of generating APIs.json, Swagger, and API Blueprints, but we also have to also define a process for what is considered a "complete API definition"--I'll be working through these thoughts separately.

Now that I am done traveling, I will be dedicating a considerable amount of time to this work in June. If you want to get involved, please participate via the API Stack site and Github repository, or feel free to ping me directly. We need all the help we can get, and are looking to have a robust repository of high quality API definitions for 1000+ of the top APIs available today.