A Walk Through A Swagger API Definition To Identify The Moving Parts

I recently added a new tool to my hacker storytelling toolbox, that allows me to easily assemble walk through, that help me guide my readers through a scripted series of steps around any of my research areas. I first did it to walk through what I'd consider to be my minimum viable developer portal, and now I decided to apply to my Swagger research.

I am working on a set of APIs that help me quantify whether a Swagger definition is "complete" or not, to help me tackle my goals around my API Stack research, and establish a rich set of complete, open API definitions that the community can put to use. What better way to quantify all the moving parts of Swagger, than to actually create a 101 walk through of its moving parts. 

I added the Swagger walk through to my Swagger research, and will keep refining, and adding more information to it. I've managed to further evolve my definition of what constitutes a complete Swagger definition, allowing me to work towards a somewhat automated, API driven service that will help me understand how complete each Swagger definition in my API stack is, and where the work is that needs to be done. 

The goal here is to get all the APIs for 900+ companies in my API Stack fully defined using APIs.json and Swagger, while also establishing a pretty robust set of tools and services for certifying Swagger definitions. If you want to get involved, there is a lot of work to be done, just visit the API Stack, and get involved via the Github repo.