APIMATIC Adds New API Validation Endpoint To Their API Client Code Generation API Stack

I am working hard to establish a complete set of APIs for my own API stack which includes establishing complete Swagger definitions for the 25 APIs that I personally operate. These Swagger definitions are then used to generate Postman Collections, APIMATIC SDKs, and API Science monitors. I am also working hard to establish complete Swagger definitions for the 1000 companies in my API Stack, something I am partnering with APIMATIC on. 

As part of this work, both teams are working hard to evolve our tooling for working with, and validating API definitions. I mentioned a couple weeks back, when I shared client SDK research conducted by APIMATIC, that quality SDK generation is kind of the high water mark for measuring API definition completion--meaning if your API definition isn't complete enough to generate a functional SDK, you need to spend more time in your API design editor, until it is more complete.

As I've been working to establish my own definition of what a complete Swagger definition is, APIMATIC has been hard at work doing the same, but applying to WADL, Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint, IODocs, and Google Discovery. Also at the same time I'm building my questions API to help me automate the validation of Swagger definitions, APIMATIC has been working on their own validation API, which they just added to their existing API client code generation API.

If you are generating machine readable API definitions in WADL, Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint, IODocs, or Google Discovery, then you should be validating your API designs using APIMATIC. Once you know your API definitions are solid, then you should also generate all your SDKs with APIMATIC too--I am only about 20% the way through doing this for my API Stack. 

Nice work APIMATIC team. I predict by the end of the year we will have a full stack of APIs, and tooling, that helps us through almost every step of the API definition driven, API lifecycle. 

P.S. They just added Node.js and Go SDKs to their stack this week!

P.S.S. APIMATIC is using Apiary.io.