Where Is The Containerized API Marketplace That Businesses Will Need For Success In The API Economy?

Building on what Orlando (@orliesaurus) brings up in his story on the missing brick in the API Industry, we are missing a common place to discovery and share common API designs--something I've been working hard on with my API Stack. As I read this piece from Microsoft Azure on Container Apps now available in the Azure Marketplace, I'm reminded of how robust the app deployment, and management ecosystem has become with the containerization evolution, but when it comes to API deployment we are still way behind the times.

There are numerous containerized marketplaces of apps available out there today, what I am looking for is the same thing, but for common API patterns. After over 10 years of solid design, deployment, and management of web API patterns, we should have a wealth of API design patterns to choose from. I shouldn't have to launch my own user API, or image API, there should be the WordPress of APIs out there, ready for me to deploy.

These APIs should be available with common API patterns, well defined using Swagger and API Blueprint, available in a variety of server side languages from PHP to Go. I should be able to search, and browse these APIs, and with a single click of a button deploy into my containerized architecture of choice, from Amazon to Google, and Microsoft to the Raspberry Pi in my living room--think Heroku deploy button.

Ok, back to work on defining the common public APIs out there on my API Stack, could someone please get to work on this containerized API marketplace? I have a number of standardized API definitions I can share to get you going, and happy to focus on crafting any new ones you need, derived from common patterns I'm finding across my API Stack work.

There is a reason we have the bespoke API design, and deployment way of life--everyone is lacking the marketplace of ready-to-go, containerized APis, that individuals, businesses, institutions, and government agencies will need for success in the API economy.