Another API Definition Conversion In The Works From The LucyBot Team

I wrote about the ability to convert between multiple API definition formats using API Transformer the other day, a solution being developed by the APIMATIC team, and shortly after posting, the LucyBot team pointed out they are working on a similar tool. This is one of the reason I try to write these posts, it always brings folks out of the woodwork.

It is good to see multiple efforts out there. Converting of API definition formats is a fast growing need for both API providers and consumers, something that is only going to grow with the adoption of popular API definition formats. I feel it is a healthy sign that standard tooling for converting common API has emerged, and an even better sign that there will be a diverse selection in this tooling.

It looks like the Lucybot converter is a little behind API Transformer, but I'm sure they will get caught up soon. I'm eager to see how these API definition conversion service providers keep up with each version of API definitions as they evolve, as well as new players who enter the game. If they can do successfully they will possess some very valuable data around which API definitions are being put to use by API providers and consumers.