Button To Run This API In The HTTP API Client of My Choice

There are more HTTP client tools out there than I can shake a stick at (I've reached that point, I'm shaking sticks at things), and in 2016 I predict there will be even more entrants into the space. I'd say Postman was a pioneering force in the evolution of the HTTP client when it comes for web API space, but is something that it is beginning to collide with API design tooling from Apiary, as well as being morphed by new players like Stoplight.io.

Maybe I am playing with more of these environments than the average API consumer is, because of what I do for a living, but I have to say, I am getting tired of "importing" my API definitions. Don't me wrong. I am stoked that all tools support the importing of machine readable API definitions like OADF, and API Blueprint, but I cannot help always looking to what should be next, and I want to be able to just run each API, in my HTTP client of my choice.

For all of my own APIs, I provide a Postman icon, and link to a Postman Collection. It just gives you quick access to the machine readable currency that all services I depend on speak, OADF, API Blueprint, and Postman Collection. However, I still have to import it into Postman, or other HTTP API client, or service I will be using. While this is a good start, and is something I recommend other API providers do, I think we can still do better.

If you are operating one of the HTTP API clients, or planning one of the next generation API cleints, tools, garage, hub, playground, studio, workbench, or builder, can you please provide a "run in XXXX" embeddable button please? I would like to see pretty little icons throughout API portals, and the service providers we depend on across the API space, that empower me run any API via the client I depend on every day.

Think the Twitter and Facebook share buttons, but for API integration, and the currency is OADF and API Blueprint definitions. I appreciate all you HTTP API client providers considering my crazy requests. If done right, I think it could result in some potential new users, depending how you'd handle the process for users who clicked, but didn't actually have an account with your platform yet--anyway, food for thought. #onward