The OpenAPI Specification (fka The Swagger Specification)

It is a new year, and we have a lot of work to do when it comes to defining APIs in the new year. One of the results of 2015, was that the specification known as Swagger was spun off into the Linux Foundation, where for the remaining of the year we were simply calling it the Open API Definition Format (OADF)--quite a mouthful.

In 2016, a name as been given to the specification--OpenAPI Spec. If you know me, you know how I feel on all of this, but in 2016, I am focusing on whats next, not what just happened, so I am just happy there is a name, not some intermediary WTF. Soooo, head over to the new Github repo home for OpenAPI Spec, and get involved.

If you are planning on doing anything cool with the OpenAPI Spec, please reach out and let me know. Now that we have forward motion with the specification, and a name we can ALL use, I will be assembling a new toolbox dedicated to the spec, and all the cool things y'all are doing with it. As I look forward across the 2016 API horizon, I have no doubt that the OpenAPI Spec will be essential to the next wave of growth in the API sector.