My Hangout With Wade Foster Of Zapier: Its About The Process

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Wade Foster (@wadefoster), co-founder and CEO of Zapier (How do you pronounce Zapier? It rhymes with happier :-) recently. As I travel less, I'm looking at doing more of these Google Hangouts, to fill my need for hanging out with super smart people, doing really cool things with APIs.

I am a big fan of what Wade, and the Zapier team are up to. His perspective on helping us define "the process", is extremely empowering for EVERYONE and ANYONE, especially non-developers.

What Zapier enables, is very much aligned with how I would like the API economy end up operating. Where system to system, website, mobile, and device based API integration is important, but platform interoperability for the masses I feel is much more critical. Zapier is how the average person will take control over their digital self, and move the growing amount of data and content we are generating, across across the growing number of service we depend on daily.

Thanks to Wade, and the Zapier team for hanging out with the API Evangelist, and doing such important, and cool work with APIs.