The API Evangelist API Management Guide

API management is the oldest area of my research. The area has been being defined since Mashery first opened its doors in 2006 and continues to be defined with the recent IPO by Apigee, and the entry of AWS into the sector with the AWS API Gateway. API management is often defined by the services offered by these companies, but also by the strategies of leading API providers in the space.

My API management research walks through the common building blocks of the space, the open source tooling, and API service providers who are serving the space. I first started this guide in 2010 and 2011 and have worked to evolve with each release, as well as the fast pace change that seems to occur in the space.

This guide touches on, and often overlaps with my other areas of research (as everything was born out of this), but should provide you with what you need as a checklist for evolving your existing API management strategy, or help you craft a brand new one for your new API. This guide has a heavy focus on a service provider led approach to API management, but with the growth in open source solutions lately, I'm working to evolve more towards a DIY approach to making it work.

I fund my research through consulting, selling my guides, and the generous support of my sponsors. I appreciate your support in helping me continue with my work and hope you find it relevant in your API journey.

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