API Evangelist Is Up For Sale - Get Your Bids In By Friday

It has been six years since I started API Evangelist. A personal matter has come up which will require my attention for at least six months, probably upwards of a year. Which in the tech world can be centuries--when you are dealing in real time. 

With this in mind, I will be putting the apievangelist.com domain, and @apievangelist Twitter account up for auction. When I come back (if I do), I'm perfectly happy starting over, and I need all the funds I can get to get me through the summer, and API Evangelist is the only asset I own.

I am very sorry for the impact on my business partners, but family and human beings come first, and I'm sure they will be fine. If you want the short and sweet on what I'm doing head over to kinlane.com blog, and if you want to follow the story of what I'm up to this summer you can head over to dronerecovery.org.

The apievangelist.com website does over 50K page views monthly with about 30K uniques. The Twitter account has 5K followers, and growing every day--perfect for any API company. I'm taking bids for all of it to fund what I'm doing the next few months. API Evangelist is worth a lot to me, so I'm starting the bidding at 10K, and accepting the highest bidder by May 27th. 

Email your bids to [email protected]. The entire site runs on Jekyll via Github, so I can just transfer domain, and transfer the organization to you via Github. If the site does not sell, I will just leave up, and contemplate its future at a later date.

Thank you for all your support--it was a fun ride.