The Community Has Spoken: API Evangelist Will Stay As It Is

I came out of the wilderness this week (literally, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness) to an inbox full of emails and a Twitter stream full of messages and DMs. I expected a little buzz from my exit, but not to the extent that it did, let alone the direction it took.

I am incredibly humbled by the community's response, and honestly, I'm not well equipped to deal with this type of attention. I know there are some folks out there who think I am some sort of attention seeker, but that is the part of all of this that I really struggle with the most. I have to step aside from myself to be able to write. Otherwise, I'm left incapacitated.

I am incredibly thankful for the API community. I have had the bar set pretty high for this community throughout the last six years, and you managed to raise it beyond what I had already set in my mind. I kindasorta thought some of you were reading my rants, but it kind of terrifies me now how many of you actually were.

Sooooooo....while I received some very fine bids on API Evangelist this week, as well as some pretty creative solutions for keeping alive and generating revenue, I'm going to accept the community's bid for the domain. It will remain the community's API Evangelist voice, as it has 87.34% of the time (I am a sellout, just not very good one) over the last six years -- I will just leave it as is.

The blog and Twitter account will remain dormant, as I will have no time to do any work. If you do have a post which you feel would be "worthy" of publishing to the blog over the summer, feel free to fork, and submit as pull request. When I come out of woods, I'll consider accepting it for publishing. If not, you will have to wait until I get my head back into tech to read anything more.

All the rest of the bids I received for the site, I'll have to decline. Thank you for your kind offers and will try to get everyone a short email response. That's all I got. I have enough money to get through the summer now, pay for gas, food, and the occasional campsite and motel. Oh, and some cool drone equipment! I have no idea what the summer holds, so I can't make any predictions for the fall -- we will see.

I can say, that you should take Steve's advice in his blog post, and don't take anything for granted. Especially going to the bathroom in a toilet. Don't take that for granted. It's a wonderful thing!! ;-)