More Considerations When Providing An Anonymous App For Your API Service

I wrote a post the other day about having a limited, anonymous version of their API modeling tool. I stumbled across it while I was trying to upgrade my account. Shortly after I tweeted out the blog post, John Sheehan (@johnsheehan) from Runscope chimed in with some wisdom on the subject.

Definitely, something to consider. In the current online environment, it might become quite a pain in the ass to maintain an anonymous app, as John points out. This is one reason I work to publish my API tooling as standalone JavaScript applications, which run 100% on Github. First off they run on Github infrastructure, and use Github's bandwidth. Second, this type of app is forkable, and people can choose to run them wherever they desire--on Github, or any other site they wish.

I'll keep an eye out for other anonymous apps built on top of API service providers, or individual APIs--maybe there are other successful models out there, or maybe there is also some other cautionary tales we should hear.