Providing A Dedicated Mobile SDK Page For Your API

Every API provider will have slightly different needs, but there are definitely some common patterns which providers should be considering as they are kicking off their API presence, or looking to expand an existing platform. While there are some dissenting opinions on this subject, many API providers provide a range of specific language, mobile, and platform SDKs for their developers to put to use when integrating with their platforms. 

A common approach I see from API providers when it comes to managing their SDKs is to break out their mobile SDKs into their own section, which the communications API platform Bandwidth has a good example of. Bandwidth provides iOS and Android SDKs and provides a mobile SDK quick start guide, to help developers get up and going. This approach provides their mobile developers a dedicated page to get at available SDKs, as well as other mobile-focused resources that will make integration as frictionless as possible.

Unless your anti-SDK, you should at least have a dedicated page for all your available SDK. I would also consider putting all of them on Github, where you will gain the network effect brought by managing your SDKs on the social coding platform. Then when it makes sense, also consider breaking out a dedicated mobile SDK page like Bandwidth--I will also work on a roundup of other providers who have similar pages, to help understand a wide variety of approaches when it comes to mobile SDK management.