Decoupling The Solution Provided From The Product In Your Storytelling

I come across a number of really useful stories about APIs in my regular monitoring of the space that can't seem to separate the solution their product delivers from the product itself. I get that you want people to know that your product does the really useful thing that you are telling the story about, but I want to help you understand that they are most likely turning people off to the solution by tightly coupling the solution story with your product and company. 

This type of storytelling is more sales than it is evangelism. It shows you don't really have a good product in my opinion. If you can't talk endless about what your product accomplishes without mentioning the product name or the company behind, you probably don't have much of a thing in the first place. However, I'm guessing in many cases you just do not have the storytelling experience, both reading, and writing, to understand the difference, and that is why I want to help you reach more people.

I know your boss is telling you to sell, sell, sell, and that you need to make your "numbers". The reality though is people are being sold, sold, sold to all the time, and they really need actual solutions for problems they face and they appreciate the companies who focus on solutions, not yet just another vendor solution to be bombarded with. If you are going to take the time to craft content for your blog, Medium, or other popular channels, then take the time to thoughtfully disconnect your solution from the product--if you do it well, people will know it is you, and find the product or company behind, when they are ready to implement your solution.