How To Discover No Name And Description Twitter Accounts For Folks In The Enterprise

I am always fascinated by the online fence sitting persona that is the enterprise tech industry employee. I know many them are there, but few ever retweet my work, respond to my posts via comments, or other channels. Usually, I only know that many of them are there from the occasional like on one of my stories, but I'm slowly developing other ways to build lists of Twitter users from behind the enterprise fence.

One of the best ways to root them out is to write positive stories about their company, products, group, or their flagship clients. When you do this many of the no names, no description Twitter accounts for the enterprise fence sitters will come out of the woodworks. They can't help themselves it seems, when someone writes positively about what they are doing, as many are so starved for genuine praise, they will often retweet a story revealing themselves. 

I do not believe that everyone should be as open and transparent as I am online. Especially if you have a boss breathing down your neck. Though I do like to know that you are there and that I occasionally write things you like. I would also enjoy more signals from you about what is important to you out in the space, and which topics impact your success in the enterprise trenches. You are always welcome to drop me a line via email if you don't feel comfortable talking out loud, or DM now that I have triangulated your Twitter account and followed you.