API Service Providers Please Have A Logos Page Like dreamfactory

I was adding dreamfactory as one of my sponsors today. I have them in my in my API monitoring system already, so I have a logo for them, but whenever there is a significant event involving one of the companies I keep an eye on in the API space, I tend to make sure I have an update to date version of their logo. In the case of adding them as a sponsor I definitely want the latest logo--so I did what I always do, I Googled "dreamfactory logo".

A while back I wrote about how companies who ask me to update their logo on my site(s) almost never have a dedicated logo page--which might have helped make sure I have had the right logo in the first place.  So when I Googled the dreamfactory logo", I was pleased to find tthe dreamfactory logo page as the first result, with a wealth of logos for me to select from.

I can't imagine why logo and branding pages are default for all companies, but I'll focus on making sure API service providers, as well as API providers, invest in this area (by writing about whenever I can). When you open up your data, content, and algorithms to 3rd party developers it just makes sense to have logo assets easy available, allowing them to provide attribution. It also makes sense to have a logo and branding so that journalists, bloggers, and analysts like me can get the most up to date assets as possible, for use in our storytelling.