A Community Strategy For My API Definition Guide

I have tpublished the latest edition of my API definition guide. I've rebooted my industry guides to be a more polished, summary version of my research instead of the rougher, more comprehensive version I've bee publishing for the last couple of years. I'm looking for my guides to better speak to the waves of new people entering the API space, and help them as they continue on their API journey.

In addition to being a little more polished, and having more curated content, my API guides are now going to also be more of a community thing. In the past I've kept pretty tight control over the content I publish to API Evangelist, only opening up the four logos to my partners. Using my API industry guides I want to invite folks from the community to help edit the content, and provide editorial feedback--even suggesting what should be in future editions. I'm also opening up the guides to include paid content that will help pay for the ongoing publication of the guides with the following opportunities available in the next edition:

  • One Page Articles - Sponsored suggested topics, where I will craft the story and publish in the next edition of the guide--also published on API Evangelist blog after the guide is published.
  • Two Page Articles - Sponsored suggested topics, where I will craft the story and publish in the next edition of the guide--also published on API Evangelist blog after the guide is published.Sponsor Slot - 
  • Sponsor Slot - On the service and tooling pages there are featured slots, some of which I will be giving to sponsors, who have related produces and services.
  • Private Distribution - Allow for private distribution of the industry guide, to partners, and behind lead generation forms, allowing you to use API Evangelist research to connect with customers.

Even though I will be accepting paid content within these industry guides, and posts via the blog now, they will all be labeled as sponsored posts, and I will also still be adding my voice to each and every piece--if you know me, or read API Evangelist blog you know what this means. I'm looking to keep the lights on, while also opening up the doors for companies in the space to join in the conversation, as well as the average reader--allowing anyone to provide feedback and suggestions via the Github issues for each area of research.

My API definition research is just the first to come off the assembly line. I will be applying this same model to my design, deployment, and management research in coming weeks, and eventually the rest of my research as it makes sense. If there is a specific research area you'd like to see get attention or would be willing to sponsor in one of the ways listed above, please let me know. Once I get the core set of my API industry research guides published in this way, I will be working on increasing the distribution beyond just my network of sites, and the API Evangelist digital presence--publishing them to Amazon, and other prominent ecosystems.

I also wanted to take a moment and thank everyone in the community who helped m last year and for everyone who is helping make my research, and the publishing of these industry guides a reality. Your support is important to me, and it is also important to me that my research continues, and is as widely available as it possibly can.