The OpenAPI Toolbox And My API Definition Research

I have the latest edition of my API definition research published, complete with a community-driven participation model, but before I moved on to my design, deployment, and management guides, I wanted to take a moment and connect my OpenAPI toolbox to this research.

My API definition research encompasses any specification, schema, or authentication and access scope used as part of API operations, providing a pretty wide umbrella. I am always on the hunt for specifications, schema, media types, generators, parsers, converters, as well as semantics and discovery solutions that are defining the layers of the API space. 

This is one reason I have my OpenAPI Toolbox, which helps focus my research into the fast-growing ecosystem developing around the OpenAPI specification. I'm always looking for people who are doing anything interesting with the OpenAPI specification. When I find one I get to work crafting  a title, description, image, and project link so that I can add to the OpenAPI Toolbox YAML file, driving the toolbox website. If you are developing any open tooling that uses the OpenAPI specification please let me know by submitting a Github issue for the toolbox, or if you are feeling brave...go ahead and add yourself and submit a pull request.

My OpenAPI Toolbox is connected to my API definition research at the hip. The toolbox is just a sub-project for my wider API definition research. If you are doing anything interesting with API definitions, schema, or scope please let me know. I am happy to add to my API definition research. The best of the best from my API definition research and the OpenAPI Toolbox will be included in my industry guide, receiving wider distribution than just my network of API Evangelist sites.