In Search Of Some Funding For My Machine Learning API Research

I am wanting to profile the world of machine learning APIs, similar to what I've done with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the rest of my API Stack research, but I'm in need of some investment to help make sure I can properly carve out the time to conduct the research, and publish a resulting guide that provides an overview of the space, when done. After profiling the tech giants, I'm seeing some interesting shifts in the landscape when it comes to machine learning and would like to spend time profiling the rest of the landscape beyond just the bigcos.

While I am interested in mapping out the landscape of the machine learning API space, I don't have the time to make every project happen, and also pay the bills. To help make sure this project happens, I am looking for someone to step up and sponsor the research. In exchange for your brand and link on the resulting guide and any blog posts along the way, I'm looking for some cash investment to help me make ends meet, while I am doing the work.

When I profile a segment of the API space I focus on documenting the company behind, including all their relevant signals like Twitter and Github, but I also document the available API using OpenAPI, and the pricing, and other relevant building blocks. The resulting short form (blog posts), and long form (guide) provides an overview of the landscape when it comes to how APIs are being used as part of the latest machine learning wave. If your company is looking to better understand machine learning, and how APIs are playing a role, or maybe just looking to get some exposure with my audience who would read the blog posts and the resulting guide, let me know--I could use your help.