Details Of The API Evangelist Partner Program

I’ve been retooling the partner program for API Evangelist. There are many reasons for this, and you can read the full backstory I have written a narrative for these changes to the way in which I partner. I need to make a living, and my readers are expecting me to share relevant stories from across the sector on my blog. I’m also tired of meaningless partner arrangements that never go anywhere, and I’m looking to incentivize my partners to engage with me, and the API community in an impactful way. I’ve crafted a program that I think will do that.

While there will still be four logo slots available for partnership, the rest of the references to API services providers and the solutions they provide will be driven by my partner program. If you want to be involved, you need to partner with me. All that takes is to email me that you want to be involved. It doesn’t cost you a dime, all you have to do is reach out, let me know you are interested, and be willing to play the part of an active API service provider. If you are making an impact on the API space, then you’ll enjoy the following exposure across my work:

  • API Lifecycle - Your services and tooling will be listed as part of my API lifecycle research, and displayed on the home page of my website, and across my network of sites.
  • Short Form Storytelling - Being referenced as part of my stories when I talk about the areas of the API sector in which your services and tooling provides solutions.
  • Long Form Storytelling - Similar to short form, when i’m writing white papers, and guides, I will use your products and services as examples to highlight the solutions I’m talking about.
  • Story Ideas - You will have access a list of working story ideas I’m working through, and able to add to the list, as well as extract ideas from the list for providing story idea seeds for your own content teams.
  • In-Person Talks - When I’m giving talks at conferences I will be including your products and services into my slides, and storytelling, using them as a cornerstone for my in-person talks.
  • Workshops - Similar to talks, I will be working my partners into the workshops I give, and when I walk through my API lifecycle and governance work, I will be referencing the tools and services you provide.
  • Consulting - When working with clients, helping them develop their API lifecycle and governance strategy I will be recommending specific services and tooling that are offered by my partners.

I will be doing this for the partners who have the highest ranking. I won’t be doing this in exchange for money. Sure, some of these partners will be buying logos on the site, and paying me for referrals, and deals they land. However, that is just one aspect of how I fund what I do. It won’t change my approach to research and storytelling. I think I’ve done a good job of demonstrating my ability to stay neutral when it comes to my work, and something that my work will continue to demonstrate. If you question how partner relationships will affect my work, then you probably don’t know me very well.

I won’t be taking money to write stories or white papers anymore. It never works, and always gets in the way of me producing stories at my regular pace. My money will come from consulting, speaking, and the referrals I send to my partners. Anytime I have taken money from a partner, I will disclose that I have on my site, and acknowledge the potential influence on my work. However, in the end, nothing will change. I’ll still be writing as I always have, and maintain as critical as I always have been, even of my partners. The partners who make the biggest impact on the space will rise to the top, and the ones who do not, will stay at the bottom of the list, and rarely show up in my work. If you’d like to partner, just drop me an email, and we’ll see what we can make happen working together.