I Will Be Speaking At The API Conference In London This Week

I am hitting the road this week heading to London to speak at the API Conference. I will be giving a keynote on Thursday afternoon, and conducting an all day workshop on Friday. Both of my talks are a continuation of my API life cycle work, and pushing forward my use of a transit map to help me make sense of the API life cycle. My keynote will be covering the big picture of why I think the transit model works for making sense of complex infrastructure, and my workshop is going to get down in the weeds with it all.

My keynote is titled, “Looking At The API Life Cycle Through The Lens Of A Municipal Transit System”, with the following abstract, “As we move beyond a world of using just a handful of internal and external APIs, to a reality where we operate thousands of microservices, and depend on hundreds of 3rd party APIs, modern API infrastructure begins to look as complex as a municipal transit system. Realizing that API operations is anything but a linear life cycle, let’s begin to consider that all APIs are in transit, evolving from design to deprecation, while still also existing to move our value bits and bytes from one place to another. I would like to share with you a look at how API operations can be mapped using an API Transit map, and explored, managed, and understood through the lens of a modern, Internet enabled “transit system”.”

My workshop is titled, “Beyond The API Lifecycle And Beginning To Establish An API Transit System”, with the following abstract, “Come explore 100 stops along the modern API life cycle, from definition to deprecation. Taking the learnings from eight years of API industry research, extracted from the leading API management pioneers, I would like to guide you through each stop that a modern API should pass across, mapped out using a familiar transit map format, providing an API experience I have dubbed API Transit. This new approach to mapping out, and understanding the API life cycle as seen through the lens of a modern municipal transit system allows us to explore and learn healthy patterns for API design, deployment, management, and other stops along an APIs journey. Which then becomes a framework for executing and certifying that each API is following the common patterns which each developer has already learned, leading us to a measurable and quantifiable API governance strategy that can be reported upon consistently. This workshop will go into detail on almost 100 stops, and provide a forkable blueprint that can be taken home and applied within any API operations, no matter how large, or small.”

I will also be spending some time meeting with a variety of API service providers, and looking to meet up with some friends while in London. If you are around, ping me. I’m not sure how much time I will have, but I’m always game to try and connect. I’m eager to talk with folks about banking activity in the UK, as well as talking about the event-driven architecture, and API life cycle / governance work I’m doing with Streamdata.io. I’ll be at the event most of the day Thursday, and all day Friday, but both evenings I should have some time available to connect. See you in London!