I Will Be Discussing The Government API Lifecycle At DevNation Federal In DC Tuesday Afternoon

I’m kicking off a busy week of travel and talks this week in DC with a discussion about delivering microservices at federal agencies at DevNation Federal on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018. I was invited by Red Hat to come speak about the work I’m doing as API Evangelist across federal agencies. You can find me in the afternoon lineup, sharing my stories title “The Tech, Business, and Politics of APIs In Federal Government”. Focusing on information gathered as part of my research, workshops, and consulting across the public and private sector.

My talk reflects my work to motivate federal agencies to do APIs over the last five years, and help pollinate the ideas and practices I gather from across the private sector, and understand which ones will work in the public sphere. Not everything about doing APIs at startups and in the enterprise translates perfectly to delivering APIs in the federal government, but there are many practices that will help agencies better serve the people. My goal is to open up discussion with government employees and contractors, to help figure out what works and what doesn’t–sharing stories along the way.

Let me know if you are going to be at DevNation Federal let me know. I am happy to make some time to talk, and hear what you are up to with APIs. I depend on these hallway conversations to populate my blog with stories. I’ll be in town around noon, and there until around 5 or so until I head over to the DC API Meetup for my second talk of the day. Thanks to Red Hat for having me out. I enjoy doing talks for Red Hat events, as they tend to reflect more of the audience I’m looking for, with a focus on more open source, and a little less proprietary focus when it comes to delivering government technology. I’ll see you in Washington D.C. on Tuesday!