The Rockstar Committees We Have Assembled To Make APIStrat Nashville Rock!!

It is APIStrat time again! This time it is in Nashville, Tennessee! We are in the early stages of the event, but we are getting close to the deadline of the call for papers. We’ve assembled another rockstar ensemble for this round to help us steer the event, and review talk submissions once the CFP process has closed. I just wanted to take a moment and recognize the folks who are helping out and make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

First up are the six members of the APIStrat steering committee, playing different leadership roles in the conference, making sure everything gets done by September:

Then we have assembled nineteen folks on the program committee who will be reviewing your talk submissions before you can get on stage at APIStrat in Nashville:

Than you to everyone for helping do the hard work of making sure APIStrat not only continues, but continues to represent the wider API community. Everyone is doing this work because they care about the community, and want to make the event as good as, or better than it has been in the past. This is the 9th edition of APIStrat, spanning New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Chicago, Berlin, Austin, Boston, Portland, and now Nashville! It has been a pretty wild ride.

While we have everyone we need for these committees, we still need help in other areas. First, get your talk submitted before the CFP closes next week. Second, we need your financial support, so make sure you consider sponsoring APIStrat, and help make sure Nashville rocks. Beyond that we can use some help spreading the word. We are looking to grow the event beyond the usual 500 threshold, helping expand participation in the event, as well as the OpenAPI Initiative. If you want to help, feel free to ping me anytime, and I’ll see you in Nashville.